Why You Should Avoid Non-Dairy Creamer

The further we get away from natural, the more we tread on thin ice when it comes to nutrition.  Often times the foods we think are unhealthy for us are actually a whole lot healthier than the substitutes we develop to replace them. We’ve seen this mostly with artificial sweeteners.  Sugar was branded “white death” and our over consumption has been linked the obesity epidemic and the corresponding rise in Type 2 diabetes. As a result we developed artificial sweeteners to replace sugar, and we are now beginning to see that these chemical concoctions have a detrimental effect on the beneficial bacteria in our gut that help us regulate blood sugar.  We also look at the cream and whole milk we use to smooth out the taste of coffee.  Many once beleived that the extra addtion of saturated fat contributed to obesity and heart disease.  So much so that it was branded “heart clogging” saturated fat. So we looked to science to develop substitutes to make our coffee more palatable without the added fat.

Coffee has been found to contain high levels of phenolic antioxidants called Chlorogenic Acids or CGA.  These antioxidants are becoming an interesting topic in the nutrition world, but scientists don’t quite have a handle on their bioavailability, or the body’s ability to use them in a given form.  

In a recent study, scientists studied the ability of the body to absorb CGAs from coffee in different forms. They coffee drinkers drink black coffee, coffee with whole milk, and coffee with sugar and non-dairy creamer.  What they found was that the bioavailability of adding whole milk did not significantly effect the absorption of these antioxidants in the body; HOWEVER, the addition of sugar and non-dairy creamer showed that there was not only a decrease in the bioavailability of CGAs, but also a delay in their uptake.  So to receive the maximum nutritional benefit of the antioxidants found in coffee, dump the fake creamers, and either drink it black, or use milk or cream.

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Shakeology Ingredients

Shakeology Ingredients

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