Getting Older – Fun with Niacin

Geting Older-Fun with Niacin

Getting Older – Fun with Niacin

Fun with Niacin  As we age we begin to find more and more “things”.  One of mine is high cholesterol.  To lower my cholesterol, my doctor first tried statin drugs (Lipitor, Crestor, etc).  Not long after I began taking Lipitor, I began experiencing muscle and joint aches and had problems remembering things I needed to do.  They switched me to another statin, and no change.  We tried diet and exercise, and that had some positive effects, but didn’t bring it low enough.  The next option was to try Niacin or vitamin B3.

Shakeology Review: Superfood in a Glass – Is This Stuff For Real?

Shakeology: Superfood in a Glass – Is this stuff for real?Shakeology

Let me say, when I first started my journey to getting fit, I was VERY skeptical about Shakeology, or any meal replacement shake.  We’ve all seen the vast amount of meal replacement supplements out there on the market, Body by this, and the pink drinks that make outlandish claims about helping us to lose weight and get in shape.  Also,  coupled with the $120 price tag for a one month supply of Shakeology – FORGET ABOUT IT!!!  I could find protein supplements and meal replacements for a lot cheaper, and still get results, and I did.  So you’re reading this and thinking “Okay tell me again why I need Shakeology?”  Let me spend a little time explaining why.