Customize Your Fitness – One Month at a Time

We are bombarded with information on all subjects these days, and fitness is no exception. Too many times we see sources of info telling us to eat this or don’t eat that to lose weight, or to do this exercise or that to get fit. I can personally attest to have fallen into that trap (probably took me longer to realize that than you). You try it, and you may have some success, but it’s short lived, and you get frustrated and then quit, and end up in worse condition than when you started. Worse than that, you get information from two sources that completely contradict each other.

We are all different. What works for one may not work for the other. The differences extend way beyond physical appearance or weight. They go all the way down to the biochemical level. Everyone has different medical conditions, and genetic predispositions that affect metabolism, heart function, hormone levels, and digestion. The histories of our family habits on nutrition are also different. We all have different ways of preparing the food we eat. So how can one product or method help everyone? The answer is it can’t.  We must find out what works for us individually for success.

There are two constants for getting fit, exercise and nutrition. Now which exercises and what to eat or not eat is up to you to decide. Actually there is a third fitness constant. Fitness is not short-term it takes time, and it’s for life. If you want to get fit you most definitely have to change the way you live.

In order to achieve fitness we have to understand that our bodies are different, and we have to learn how to work with our own unique sets of circumstances. How do we do this with all the contradicting information these days? We get some information of our own, on ourselves. The first step is to get a full and complete checkup with a good set of lab results. That is only the starting point, but it’s a good one. Now do your research. You have a set of test results that will allow you to weed through the jungle of information on the internet. For example, I found out through tests that I had severe insulin resistance, so I began to search for the causes of this, what foods I could eat to remedy this, and what exercises I should do. Even though I narrowed down the information I needed to look for, the information is still conflicting. What to do? Now comes the time-consuming part.

We will never truly know how something affects us until we try it. Once you have information on what your specific circumstances are, build up more information to see how others have had success with the solutions they’ve tried. Do one or two of these solutions to make a difference in your life at a time and do them for a month or two. Really do them right, not halfway. If after a month or two you don’t see a difference, get rid of them and try something else. If you do see changes, (even if they are minor changes), add that to your new list of habits, and try to add something else for the next month. I know this will take a long time, but we’re talking about for life remember, so there is no rush.

As time goes on, you will become more in tuned with how your body functions, and what works for you. As your body changes, you will have to change what worked for you initially because hopefully some of the health conditions you suffered from before will start to go away. As I said before, it’s for life. A better life. Doing something or stopping something for a month won’t necessarily hurt you but it can drastically help you. One example was my decision to give up grain in my diet. I had read from many sources that we need grains particularly whole-wheat as a healthy part of our nutrition. I also heard from other sources that grains, particularly wheat can cause a whole host of problems with our health that were thought to be caused by other foods. So I gave up grain for an entire month to see how it made me feel, and how it affected my weight. No wheat, no rice, no corn, no oats for one entire month. I would now get my carbs from fruits and veggies. The results were incredible. I only lost 8 pounds (which is not bad), but the way I felt was wonderful. I no longer had the bloating sensation I experienced after every meal (or the gas that came with it), little aches and pains I had always had were gone, and I no longer felt run down at the end of the day. This worked for me, so I kept it in my list of new habits. Now I would find something else to try for a month. I’m not saying everyone should do this, only that it may be something you want to try for a month. Try other things. Many people decide to start walking for exercise, so they try it. For some it works, some need more intense exercise to see good results.  A good way to identify which particular foods cause negative effects is to totally reset you metabolism.  How do I do that?  Well the best way I have found is to do it slowly and gently over period of about 3 weeks (yes I know I said try it for a month, but trust me on this, others have worked out this solution and it works.  It’s called The Beachbody Ultimate Reset. It’s a way to reset your metabolism naturally.  At the end of the 21 days, you can slowly start to reintroduce those foods you loved, that way you can idenitfy which foods give you problems, and if you choose to you can avoid them in the future.

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My wife Pam and I completed the Ultimate Reset in August of 2012, and the results were amazing!  Check out our results for yourself.

Tommy Doran Ultimate Reset Results

Tommy Doran Ultimate Reset Results

Pam Doran Ultimate Reset Results

Pam Doran Ultimate Reset Results

Now that you know how to take control of YOUR fitness, call your doctor and schedule a physical exam. Tell him about any exercise programs you are about to start and see if he has any advice prior to starting. Talk to him about the Beachbody Ultimate Reset and see if it’s something you can use to help get back on track to a healthier lifestyle.  See what you need to fix, but a word of caution on seeing your doctor. Medicine is not the end all solution. Nutrition and exercise cure more that all the magic drugs combined. Pills don’t fix everything, in fact, they can cause a whole new set of problems. Pay attention to your body. When you don’t feel quite right, let your doctor know, and always research the possible side effects of the medicines you take.

Getting fit is not rocket science, it’s a lot of trial and error. So, to summarize, try something for a month. If it works keep it, it not then ditch it.   Pay attention to what your body is telling you.

Be Fit, and God Bless.

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