The Favor – Your Fitness Legacy

Please watch the video below – it’s extremely personal to me, and is important to you as well.  I appreciate you taking the time to do so.

The premise of The Favor is that you will use Shakeology and the 21 Day Fix or the 21 Day Fix Extreme.

Why Shakeology and these programs are important to your fitness legacy?

As time went on after reaching my goal, the weight began to return because I fell into old familiar habits.  I needed to better structure my nutrition in addition to working out.  I followed the 21 Day Fix program with its portion control nutrition plan that helped me determine a healthy caloric intake and the correct balance of macro-nutrients to help me lose weight. Equally important, I also drank a nutrient-dense supplement called Shakeology each day so that I had the proper balance of vitamins and minerals to help me get the most out of my workouts.  The result, I lost 16 pounds.  The portion-control plan that is with both of these programs is truly foundational and life-altering. These products are responsible for me getting a great start on changing my family legacy.

How long did it take to lose the 16 pounds?  It took two 21 day cycles using the nutritional principals from the 21 Day Fix. That’s it.

To change your health, you must address nutrition, activity level and supplementation.  Please see the three very short videos below to see more about the 21 Day Fix, 21 Day Fix Extreme, and Shakeology.

So, let’s get down to it.  Are you ready to get started on changing your family legacy?  If so, please click on one of the links below:

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