P90X Tips and Strategies for Success

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P90X was the program I started with,  and it has brought me great success in getting to my fitness goals.  I see so many people getting the program and immediately start popping the DVD’s into the player and hitting it hard quitting after a month because they aren’t getting the results they hoped for, BUT they didin’t bother to read any of the materials that came with itThis is an extreme program that gives extreme results. Period.  However, you will only get those extreme results if you follow the program as it’s laid out and you do ALL 90 days!

What is it?
P90X Tips and Strategies for Success

P90X® is a comprehensive in-home fitness and nutrition program proven to burn fat and reshape your body in just 90 days. So many times I see people who think they can just do the exercises and skip the nutrition, or just cut calories really low and get better results – they always fail.  They put the nutrition plan in there because it is an ESSENTIAL part of this program, read it live it love it.  Twelve different workouts target every area of your body, incorporating moves used by elite athletes, gymnasts, weightlifters, and martial artists.  In addition to doing cardio, strength training, and stretching, you’ll develop extreme overall fitness with body weight exercises like pull-ups and push-ups, as well as plyometrics (jump training), yoga, and kenpo.  Tony Horton demonstrates each move, showing a modified version for those just getting started. Most important, he’ll keep you engaged, motivated, and even amused every step of the way.  More than 3.6 million people, including numerous professional athletes and celebrities, have bought and used P90X to get in the best shape of their lives. P90X is the #1-selling extreme home fitness program in the world, with 1.2 million videos posted to YouTube® by satisfied customer. 

What makes P90X unique?

Most in-home workout programs offer only one kind of fitness training. But the 12 P90X DVDs give you intense cross-training with 5 hard-core resistance routines, 3 fat-scorching cardio routines, and 2 ab-ripping routines, as well as extreme yoga and advanced flexibility. You work all your muscles from every possible angle, using many different techniques. Whether you want to lean out, bulk up, or get ripped, there are endless ways to mix and match the routines to keep you motivated for the full 90 days and beyond. The other thing that makes P90X unique is Tony Horton himself. Not only is he an experienced trainer who’s devised the most efficient ways to get your body into peak shape, he’s incredibly engaging and inspiring, constantly encouraging you to “do your best and forget the rest.” He’s also been known to crack the odd—and we do mean odd—joke from time to time.  Imagine a cross between an upbeat motivator and a standup comic, and
you’re pretty close. 

P90X F.A.Q.

What kind of results can I get with P90X?

P90X Tips and Strategies for SuccessP90X WomenHere are actual unretouched “before” and “after” photos submitted by satisfied P90X users.*P90X allows you to achieve in 90 days at home what would otherwise take as much as a year in the gym—without fancy, expensive equipment, and for less than the cost of a gym membership.

* Results vary. Exercise and proper diet are necessary to achieve and maintain weight loss and muscle definition

What kind of equipment do I need to get to do  P90X?

All you need to do P90X is a couple of dumbbells or resistance bands, a place to do pull-ups, and about an hour a day. 

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• P90X® Chin-Up Bar
• P90X® Chin-Up Max
• Beachbody® Jump Mat
• Tony Horton’s PowerStands

What Steps Should I follow to achieve maximum results?

Step 1: Create a FREE TEAM BEACHBODY ACCOUNT – This gives you extra support and motivation along the way, and you’ll get Me as your personal Coach.  You’ll also get access to free tools to help you set goals and track your progress along the way.  THIS STEP IS A MUST!!!

Step 2: Read through the P90X Fitness Guide AND the P90X Nutrition Guide.  Proper nutrition will account for 80% of your success (YES 80%).  You can’t out train a bad nutrition plan.  You’re putting in all that hard work, why waste all that effort on bad eating habits?

Step 3:  Make sure you have all the proper equipment before you start.  You don’t need much to start but you will need some equipment

  • Pull-up bar Dumbells or resistance bands
  • Yoga blocks
  • Yoga mat
  • Heart rate monitor
  • A good protein supplement and a recovery drink that will replace glycogen in the muscles to help build muscle

Optional equipment includes

  • P90X® Chin-Up Max – to help assist with pull-ups
  • Beachbody® Jump Mat
  • Tony Horton’s PowerStands – if you have wrist issues with push-ups or want a deeper range of motion

Step 4: Take your measurements and Before pictures  Even if no one else sees these you will want them to mark the changes that will occur over time.  Trust me day by day you won’t notice the changes, but by taking the Before shaots and the shots and measurments every 30 days, you will, and you will be amazed.  JUST DO IT! 

The videos below explain how to take your measurements and pics

Step 5: Take the Fit Test – This will give you a bench mark of where you started in your performance, and by taking it over again in 90 days, will allow you to see how you improved.  DO IT!  Click here for the Fit Test.

Step 6: Decide which P90X option you want to follow.  You have 3 to Choose from – Classic, Lean, or Doubles. 

Step 7: Print your worksheets out so that you can track your progress on the exercises.  Click here for the sheets.

Step 8: Figure out your Caloric Needs, Clean out the Junk from your kitchen, and go shopping.  All of this can be found in the P90X Nutrition Plan.  It also helps to keep a journal of your eating habits.  There are some excellent online versions found at www.FitDay.com, and MyFitnessPal.com.  These are free and have most foods and their nutritional information available.

Step 9: Set a start date and keep me updated in your progress.  I want to know it all good and bad.  That way I can congratulate you on your success and get you back on track when you slip.  Besides, not all failures are your fault, and just maybe together we can figure out what’s going on to get you back on the road to success. 

Step 10:  Share your results.  You have something to be proud of, share it with the world.  You will also show someone who is in need of inspiration as you were that it can be done, and they are closer than they think to their success.  NOW GET TO IT!  Here is all you need to get started and transform your life.  In 90 days you will be a different person.  The change that happens on the outside is NOTHING compared to the change that happens on the inside!

Make Time For Fitness, and It Will Make Time for You!

Be Fit, and God Bless!

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