P90X2 ReviewP90X2 Review

I loved P90X, it was the program I had the most success with, but after 4 rounds, I was ready for some variety.  I did a round of Insanity, but I’m not a pure cardio kind of guy.  I really like the strength building aspects of resistance training.  Now along comes P90X2.  THIS is what I’ve been waiting for!  Tony Horton and the kids have reTommy Doran and Tony Hortonturned with an all new workout X-style.  Tony’s a great guy.  I got the opportunity to meet him in Las Vegas in June of 2012.  When I showed him my before-and-after shots and told him that he and P90X had helped me to lose 80 pounds, not only did he congratulate me, but he yelled it out to a ballroom full of other Beachbody Coaches.  What a guy. 

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P90X2 is not merely a sequel, it has been totally rethought.  

Beachbody and Tony Horton went to the leaders in exercise physiology and nutrition to design a program that not only gets you in the best shape of your life, but will drastically improve your athletic performance, balance and core strength.

Let me say this right now, P90X2 is not for beginners.  If you have not done a program like P90X, Insanity, or Insanity: The Asylum, do not even consider trying this program.

P90X2 Review: What is P90X2, and How Does It Work?

Like P90X, X2 is also a 90 day program.  Also like P90X, X2 is separated into 3 phases, and also incorporates Tony’s philosophy of muscle confusion for maximum results.

Phase 1 – The Foundation Phase.

In P90X the three phases were set at 30 days…no more, no less.  X2 is a little different in that you have the option to extend each phase up to 2 weeks if you feel you need more time to master the techniques.  In Phase 1, you will see right away how different  P90X2 is from the original P90X.  Many of the same moves are there, but there has been twist. That twist is the incorporation of balancing while doing these moves by the use of medicine balls and  a balance ball to force you to also concentrate on your core strength as well. You will be dripping with sweat by the end of each workout and be exhausted.  The first week is very frustrating, but have patience and stick with it, even Tony Horton admits he had problems with these moves in the development on P90X2.  The core is the key that ties everything together.  Strong body parts without a strong core will lead to injuries down the road.

Phase 2 – Strength Phase

Just when you start to master all the balancing in Phase1, Tony adds a new element to the balancing – Strength Training.  In P90X where you might have done biceps curls, now in X2 you’re doing biceps curls in a Warrior 3 position, or with one foot on a balance ball – now you start to see what X2 is about.

Phase 3 – Performance Phase

In P90X the three phases were done just to mix up the exercises for muscle confusion.  In X2 however, each phase builds your body so that you can do the next phase.  This phase is like nothing else you’ve ever done.  Phase 3 introduces you to Post-Activation Potentiation or P.A.P. for short.  It was developed by Dr. Marcus Elliot who has helped train olympic and professional athletes around the world.  According to Dr. Elliot, “Post Activation Potentiation (PAP), [is]a phenomenon that refers to enhancement of muscle function as a result of its contractile history.  If you want to learn more about the concepts of PAP please visit here (http://www.p3.md/applied-sports-science/post-activation-potentiation/).  Phase 3 has 2 workouts: P.A.P. Upper and P.A.P.  Lower.  These workouts were by far my favorites out of all the workouts.  If you want to improve as an athlete, or just be more athletic in all you do.  P.A.P. is the way to go.

P90X2 vs P90X

When comparing programs some like to do pros and cons.  I have learned though that one person’s pro is another person’s con, so let’s just look at the other differences.  So what else is different between the two programs?  I’m glad you asked:

Completely new moves.  There are a ton of new moves in P90X2 as well new variations of the old moves you loved in the original P90X

Yoga is now 60 minutes instead of ninety (this one I liked, but hey yoga was never pretty for me).

Five Days of workouts, not six.  Before you cheer, the extra day is necessary.  You’ll be working out harder with all the balancing.  On the second rest day of P90X2 you are encouraged to get ‘Active Rest’ like going for a walk or a leisurely bike ride.

Foam Rolling.   In P90X2 you’ll be introduced to foam rolling.  every workout starts stretching then foam rolling, and there is one day when you will really concentrate on this.  The idea is to prevent tight muscles from developing in to spasms, and later into scar tissue.  It’s like having a personal masseuse.

No Cardio.  If you’re an Insanity fan, this may seem like a con, but trust me you are building your body to function in ways you have not been able to do before.  I assure you though that the Plyocide workout will get your heart rate up.

More Nutrition Options, including vegan and grain free.  As Beachbody learns more about nutrition, and as they listen to what Team Beachbody members want, they are constantly updating the options for you.

P90X2 – Things you should know

P90X2 is NOT for beginners.  If you are looking for your first Beachbody program, and you want to start off intense, I advise you to start with P90X or Insanity first.  Also if you’re a P90X or Insanity graduate, and it’s been a while since you’ve done the program, go back and do another round before starting P90X2.  There is too great a risk for injury otherwise.

P90X2 Requires Patience.  X2 incorporates many elements of balance that take time to master.  Even Tony Horton had a rough time at first mastering these moves.  This is why there aren’t hard and set timelines on the different phases in P90X2.  If you don’t feel ready to move to the next phase, then spend more time until you think you have the moves down.

Now it’s time to TAKE ACTION!

Do you think you’re ready to take it to the next level in fitness X-Style?  To go for it


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I hope that you enjoyed this review of P90X2 and that my personal experience with the program was helpful.  I look forward to teaming up with you to help you reach your goals.  If you found some useful ideas in this post, please feel free to share is using the social media buttons on this page.  I would also like to hear any suggestions, questions or comments you have below. If you know of someone else who would find this review helpful and informative please by all means refer them to this site.

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P.S.:  If you found some useful ideas in this post, please feel free to share is using the social media buttons on this page.  I would also like to hear any suggestions, questions or comments you have below.

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