The P90X Nutrition Plan – The Key to Success with P90X

The P90X Nutrition PlanThe P90X Nutrition Plan

If your bringing it with P90X and not eating right, you’re wasting your time.  I am always asked by those using P90X to help them figure out why they only getting limited results, even though they are working out as hard as they can, or why they have no energy to complete their daily workout.  The first thing I ask them is “Are you following the nutrition plan?”  This is always followed by an awkward silent moment, then the confession that they did not even open the guide to read it. 

Customize Your Fitness – One Month at a Time

Customize Your Fitness – One Month at a Time

We are bombarded with information on all subjects these days, and fitness is no exception. Too many times we see sources of info telling us to eat this or don’t eat that to lose weight, or to do this exercise or that to get fit. I can personally attest to have fallen into that trap (probably took me longer to realize that than you). You try it, and you may have some success, but it’s short lived, and you get frustrated and then quit, and end up in worse condition than when you started. Worse than that, you get information from two sources that completely contradict each other.

We are all different. What works for one may not work for the other. The differences extend way beyond physical appearance or weight. They go all the way down to the biochemical level. Everyone has different medical conditions, and genetic predispositions that affect metabolism, heart function, hormone levels, and digestion. The histories of our family habits on nutrition are also different. We all have different ways of preparing the food we eat. So how can one product or method help everyone? The answer is it can’t.  We must find out what works for us individually for success.

P90X – Tips & Strategies for Success

Fitness By Tommy

P90X Tips and Strategies for Success

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P90X was the program I started with,  and it has brought me great success in getting to my fitness goals.  I see so many people getting the program and immediately start popping the DVD’s into the player and hitting it hard quitting after a month because they aren’t getting the results they hoped for, BUT they didin’t bother to read any of the materials that came with itThis is an extreme program that gives extreme results. Period.  However, you will only get those extreme results if you follow the program as it’s laid out and you do ALL 90 days!

I’m Done! (or am I only beginning?)

WOW!Tommy Doran  I am SOO excited because I FINALLY finished setting up my blog, but that means I’ve only begun.  When you look at some one’s blog, you think, “That doesn’t look so hard to do,”  WRONG!  There are so many things that go into creating a blog that I was not even aware of.  I won’t bore you with the details. (If you want to learn how to create a blog that will get noticed by the search engines and spread your message go HERE).  This blog is not totally complete, and will always change as the need arises, so stay tuned.

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