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Let me say, when I first started my journey to getting fit, I was VERY skeptical about Shakeology, or any meal replacement shake.  We’ve all seen the vast amount of meal replacement supplements out there on the market, Body by this, and the pink drinks that make outlandish claims about helping us to lose weight and get in shape.  Also,  coupled with the $120 price tag for a one month supply of Shakeology – FORGET ABOUT IT!!!  I could find protein supplements and meal replacements for a lot cheaper, and still get results, and I did.  So you’re reading this and thinking “Okay tell me again why I need Shakeology?”  Let me spend a little time explaining why.

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Meal Replacements – Need to be More Than Just Calorie Replacements

Meal Replacements should mean more than starving yourself of calories.  While it is true that most of us eat just too many calories  in one day, we also eat the wrong kind of calories.  So while simply reducing calories may be the simple answer to losing weight, it’s just that – a simple answer.  Since when have our body processes ever been simple?  NEVER!  True, you can lose weight by simply lowering your caloric intake, but that just means you’re eating less of the garbage processed food you already consume.  So you’re losing weight, but you’re also getting even less proper nutrition, and that means you’re also losing muscle.  If you are lowering your calories, you need to be sure to supplement your intake of the proper vitamins, minerals, and probiotics to keep your body in tip top shape.  That’s where Shakeology comes into play. 

Shakeology comes in four delicious flavors, in two forms.  There is a Whey Protein Based Formula, and a Vegan Formula each comes in two flavors.

Whey Based Formula:

  • Chocolate
  • Greenberry

Vegan (Brown Rice Protein)

  • Vegan Chocolate
  • Vegan Tropical Strawberry

There are also a whole host of different recipes created to give you a large variety of tastes. (Click Here for Recipes)  Simply put it is so good for you, and TASTES GREAT IN SO MANY WAYS!!!

Shakeology – Not Just Another Protein Shake

Shakeolgy is more than a protein shake.  It contains 70+ whole foods and Superfoods and is has more complete vitamins and minerals than any meal replacement on the market hands down.  I will be the first to admit, that I am not a big veggie fan.  I know how good they are for me, but I’m not a big fan of the taste.  Shakeology has so many good vegetables already in it, but it tastes like a milk shake!  It also contains probiotics, and has no artificial ingredients or sweeteners.  It is 100% all natural. (Click here for Shakeology Nutrition Information Label) There is a rising epidemic of insulin resistance and diabetes today.  We bombard our bodies with sugars and other carbs and they become immune to the effects of insulin, and so the body produces even more insulin to achieve the same effects.  This takes it’s toll on the pancreas, and eventually causes it to fail – DIABETES!  Shakeology is tested and certified low on the glycemic index.  That means it’s low carb, and those carbs it does have burn more evenly though out the day, thus creating less of a spike in insulin production.

So what are the pros and cons of Shakeology (nothing’s perfect – right?)

  • Tastes great
  • Quick easy meal (one less meal to plan and prepare)
  • Actually saves me money compared to the junk food and fast food I used to eat
  • Measurable improvements to my overall health and fitness


  • I personally don’t prefer the Greenberry flavor, but I have grown to like it over time
  • Some feel that it’s too expensive

Let’s talk about price for a minute.  A one month’s supply of Shakeology costs about $120 (I know…when I saw it for the first time my eyes bugged out too), but lets break that down.  Shakeology costs about $4 per serving (Beachbody Coaches get it cheaper with a Coach Discount).  That’s less than a trip to Starbucks or the burger joint which is slowly killing you instead of nourishing you.   Shakeology is a meal replacementShakeology vs Junk food, so than means there is one less meal to pay for and since it is so nutritionally complete that you won’t need a daily multivitamin either.  So if you think about the fact that you’re buying a whole month’s worth of VERY NUTRITIOUS breakfasts or lunches, the price seems much more affordable.  I know what you’re thinking, “But still $120 is a lot, what if I hate it?”  Beachbody has thought of that too.  They know they can’t please everyone, so they have a 30-Day Bottom of the Bag Guarantee (Click Here).  That means if for whatever reason you don’t like Shakeology, simply return it for a full refund (less shipping) – EVEN IF ALL THAT YOU RETURN IS THE EMPTY BAG! 

Beachbody has “Home Direct Shipping”.  This is their auto-ship method.  It means that every month your order is automatically shipped to your door with no worries.  The nice things about Home Direct or HD, is that Beachbody appreciates repeat customers it can rely on, so they waive the $15 or so cost of shipping.  If ever you want to end  HD shipping (I can’t imaging why though), just call Beachbody and tell them to discontinue it – no worries.  Do you want more savings?  Why not consider becoming a Team Beachbody Coach.  Click here to find out how you can not only save money on Shakeology as a Team Beachbody Coach, but earn money.

Here is what I would suggest.  If you are even slightly curious about Shakeology, just go ahead and do it.  Use it for 21 days, and not only will you taste how good it is, but you will FEEL how much it will help your energy levels and regularity (no one likes a good poop better than me  😀 )  Heck, use it for the entire month, and if you don’t like it return the bag for a refund.  Simple!

where to buy shakeology

So is Shakeology for real?  Absolutely YES!!

Need more info to decide?  Click Here

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Make Time for Fitness and It Will Make Time For You!

  Shakeology Review – Is this stuff for real?

P.S.:  If you found some useful ideas in this post, please feel free to share is using the social media buttons on this page.  I would also like to hear any suggestions, questions or comments you have below. Become a Beachbody Coach

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