Weightloss Plateaus – How to Bust Through Them

Posted By: Adrienne Abreo Fernandez

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HELP!! I’m exercising well but I’m not losing any more weight!

I’ve heard this from people before. You’re working out hard. You’re eating well. You WERE losing weight, but now…the weight loss has stopped and you still have more to lose. My typical response is as long as you’re following your program and nutrition guide, don’t worry. What could be the problem? There are a few things that could be hindering your weight loss at this point, so let’s go through some of them and pick a strategy that works best for your situation.

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1. I’m following the program and nutrition guide perfectly. It’s not working.

Chances are there’s a little hormone called cortisol that might be causing you a problem. Cortisol fluctuates in times of stress to help us survive difficult times. New exercise programs can increase levels of cortisol, along with other daily life stressors such as personal stress, workplace stress, and lack of sleep. When our cortisol levels are consistently high for a period of time, we retain fat to help us survive! When starting a new program, get plenty of rest and be realistic about your expectations. When building muscles, the cortisol release causes some water retention, so that may be the plateau or even gain you are seeing. Continue with your program and your body, and cortisol levels, will adapt.

2. I’m hardly eating and I can’t lose.

This is tough sometimes because our natural thought process is to eat less to lose weight. Under-eating can cause extra release of cortisol, so EAT!! It’s acceptable to do short-term metabolism-boosting slim downs or cleanses, but these should only be temporary. Once you do the low-calorie slim down for about a week, you should increase your caloric intake to maintain good performance in your workouts. At this point, your metabolism and cortisol levels will continue to adapt and you will lose. When I help people with meal planning, I notice that most people have a hard time understanding that they need significant caloric intake to be able to lose the weight during a certain exercise program. You must eat to lose the weight!

3. I’m doing intense workouts and I still don’t see a change!

This is all about your body adapting to the new programs and constantly changing and improving. This is why exercise programs that have varying types of routines work so well. Your body is in a constant state of adaptation and varying those workouts will help avoid a plateau. Also, remember that your friend may be doing the same thing as you and getting different results. It’s all about the individuality of how your body responds to the meals and fitness routines. Everyone is different, so don’t beat yourself up.

4. I started losing weight, but now I’ve stopped.

I will bet money that it’s your diet. You MUST watch your intake closely. Are you burning the more calories now, but only eating the same way you were in the beginning? People don’t want to hear this, but YOU MUST INCREASE THE AMOUNT OF FOOD TO GET GOOD RESULTS! This is especially true for an intense workout program. Often, I get a text from someone saying, “I’m eating so clean and working out so hard, but I am not losing.” Then I ask what they ate today and it’s hardly nothing! One piece of fish and a side of asparagus is not enough when you are burning 500-700 calories per workout, people! I’m not saying splurging on all kinds of junk and alcohol is okay. I’m saying that you need to consume high-quality, nutritious foods frequently throughout the day to get the results you want. Keep a log of what you eat. After a while, you will know what you intake is and tweak it as necessary.

The bottom line is that there is no one fool-proof meal plan that works for everyone in any exercise program. It’s a constant adaptation of your nutrition plan to achieve that balance between calories consumed and calories burned. It’s not always easy to do it alone, but I am here to help you! The meal plans and guidance that I offer are INDIVIDUALIZED according to your specific needs and lifestyle. This is why I don’t have generic plans for you to purchase on my site. Depending on what you need, meal plans can range from $30-$100. (these figures are not based on amount of weight you have to lose or gain.) I offer a free consultation via telephone or email so we can work together to find what you need in a meal plan. Remember, this is your life! You deserve a healthy one!


 Adrienne Abreo FernandezAdrienne Abreo Fernandez is a Registered Nurse, Certified Personal Fitness Chef and Beachbody Coach. She lives just outside of Baton Rouge, Louisiana and enjoys cooking and preparing healthy meals that help people reach their goals to achieve optimal health and wellness.  More info & recipes can be found at her website:  www.thefoodninja.net

Look for future posts on nutrition and fitness by Adrienne.  Her contributions to Fitness By Tommy provide valuable information to help others end the trend of obesity.  Thanks Adrienne!

Be Fit and God Bless!

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