Being a Beachbody Coach has been one of the biggest changes in my life, and I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it.  It has given me a vehicle to help others get fit the same way I did.  Looking at this, I’m sure you may have questions, or maybe you don’t fully understand what I mean by that.  You may wonder, “What is a Beachbody Coach?”, or “How can a Beachbody Coach help me?”  Fitness Support is the key to long term success.

When I first started P90X, I wanted to soak in all there was out there to help me get the best results possible.  Eventually, I stumbled upon the Team Beachbody page and registered for a free account.  Over the next few days, I checked out all the discussion boards and the fitness tracking and goal setting tools.  While I was doing this I was contacted on Facebook by Teresa who said she was my Team Beachbody Coach.  I had never heard of such a thing.  She and I kept in contact every few days.  She was there to answer questions and give me support, and guide me through the whole process.  As time went on she and I became great friends.  Teresa always kept me committed to my goal, even on days when I wasn’t feeling it. 

She saw something in me that would help others also want to get fit, but I doubted her.  How could someone out of shape like me inspire others to be fit when I had not reached that goal yet myself?  Besides, I only had time to worry about MY fitness.  Time went on and I achieved my goals.  It was her support and inspiration that made me decide to return the favor by paying it forward to help others.  Looking back, I wish I could have seen in myself what she saw in me. You can’t know what inspires others, only they know that when it happens.

When you develop a friendship with someone, you learn to trust that person.  You know that no matter what, they have your best interest at heart.  That is what being a coach is all about.  Beachbody Coaches are more than distributors, we develop relationships with our clients, we get to know them and want to see them succeed at getting fit, in many cases, more than they want it for themselves.  I recommend products to people based on their needs.  I take the time to listen to my clients and try to understand what they are going through, and we celebrate their successes together or help support them when they feel defeated.

Many times people tell me that without that support there is no way they would have pushed themselves hard enough to succeed.  Even though my role in their success was really small, it meant the world to them that someone actually cared.  

If you would like me to be YOUR Beachbody Coach it would be my honor, just simply CLICK HERE

Be Fit and God Bless!

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